Journey mapping: the CSI of customer experience management


Running a performing and client focused company in an ever more complex world is as demanding as a series of CSI episodes in which you always need to crack the perfect case. So, let’s use a CSI-worthy business tool to help us: journey mapping, because it …

  1. allows you to get immersed in the world of your study object (the customer) and to dissect the journey (“the plot”) into a sequence of touchpoints: contacts between your organisation and the customer, through different channels (“weapons of choice”).
  2. brings together an enormously rich set of information in one single view. On the journey you can map, observe and analyse behaviours, thoughts and emotions (“motives!”). It can be fed with both qualitative and quantitative (big!) data (“what makes the customer return to the place of the c.r.i.m.e.*?”).
  3. engages and aligns stakeholders. Journey mapping is an intense and rewarding exercise because it brings out their implicit knowledge and helps them build common insights together.

* c.r.i.m.e.: credible relevant indulging memorable experience

Choose a challenge in your organization. Gather the usual and unusual suspects in order to bring the process in the room and use journey mapping to gain insights.