How you squeeze an entire innovation process in just one weekend

I got to know service design and outside-in thinking on a global service jam. We developed a service in which professionals compensate for a part of their ‘un-learned’ creativity by collaborating with kids.

A service jam is essentially a 48 hrs. building process. The result is a research report, an idea long list, several prototypes, a business model and a service blueprint.

This is possible only if you exclude every(1) corporate reflex:

  • Make use of existing research, listen in on social media, walk around and observe. Avoid weeks/months of surveys and analysis. Instead, directly dip your first insights in the market and evolve. Research continues very time you …
  • confront the client/end user with the very basic first version (“minimum viable service / product”) of your idea. Based on his feedback, make a new version … and another one. Your client is your first validator, not your board(s).
  • Form a team and have its members define their challenge, don’t give them “functions” but let them collaborate and try-out roles while doing so.

(1) I lied: you need a well-oiled and strict process so you can focus all your energy on making and re-making stuff (not on the plan).

#GSJAM – Find a safe space to think with your hands at the Global Service Jam on Feb 26-28.