Some momentums are still being drawn. Full cases are available upon simple request.

Get 16 future skills and +100 stakeholders represented in one new harbour experience center.

Lower employee churn, strengthen their competence and job autonomy (potential €800K annual saving).

Enhance the success of medical solutions by focusing them on patient benefits and proximity to health care practitioners.

Bring to life the first individual employee participation platform.

Immersed project teams in design thinking and have them deliver customer centric solutions.

Applied Virtual Reality into a learning solution that lowers time to competence.

Cracked the case how to activate single parents on the labour market.

Accelerated the innovation cycle by structurally injecting unfiltered customer feedback.

Turned a durable real estate project into a living social network of inhabitants with a durable lifestyle.

Wrote a growth story for a SaaS scale-up, in order to secure a new investment.

Provided 14.000 blue collar employees with a mobile first intranet.

Ensured delivery on time and budget, by onboarding IT project managers in the coherent use of one methodology.

United stakeholders by mapping their value in a common story.

Organized the content creation and migration to a new corporate intranet.

Decreased cost and churn due to accidents and illness by creating internal services and an organization to deliver.

Engaged shop managers countrywide to support a new shopping experience.

Boosted NPS scores by focusing +1.100 employees and managers on creating meaningful human interactions.

Rebranded +1.000 touchpoints (paper, stores, web) within 3 months after brand launch.