Nice to meet you !

Manuel Bollue (°1977) founded FlipChartMan in 2013 in order to help organizations draw momentum in transformations. “Frontstage,” innovating services and user experiences. “Backstage,” reshaping organizations in order to deliver better.

FlipChartMan collaborates with different specialists depending on the challenge. An ecosystem of eye-of-the-tiger people, accustomed to all organizational layers and able to deliver in Dutch, French and English:

– Guide design thinking tracks with Board of Innovation
– Develop learning & support tools with SupportSquare
– Conduct research with PPM / Optigage
– Set up SME’s organization with Hypernova
– Run customer advisory boards with SevenLemonBlvd
– Process guidance with Crossroad
… and so on

The name Flipchartman refers to our methods (design thinking, lean, visual changemaking). We aim to make “the new” tangible and to engage people with idea energy.  The customer or end user is always our guiding star.

Some of these methods are captured in the Visual Innovation Accelerator, a book with over 40 innovation techniques and tools, written in 12 hours as a prototyping experiment.

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