You want to service your customers in a new, better way. You transform the way your organization works and learns, in order to deliver customer experience or a brand promise.

Flipchartman takes an expert role or a leading role in A-to-Z project roll-out. We are used to working in the triangle business-IT-operations and fully aware of the critical role of communication.


You want to align your board, departments, stakeholders, franchisees, employees or others. Jumpstart a stuck project. Co-create with customers or employees.

We run storyboarding sessions, brainstormings, prototyping ateliers, journey mappings. Never theoretic, always applied. We love to unravel complex challenges into compelling stories.           


You develop innovation management capacities in your teams. Your change makers are so deep into their work that they could use an independent sparring partner.

We take an active, part-time role on projects. We conduct series of live or skype sparring sessions. We maintain a clear balance between project deliverables, team learnings and coachee learnings.

What’s your challenge? Share it with us!