Why visual workers get more out of their projects and teams

Abundance of information, “always on, always connected mode“, the growing complexity and interdependences in projects … At a certain point it makes us disconnect. As a client, or as an employee.

Do you wonder how you can keep everyone “on board”? In many projects, I turned to flipchart and markers to get aligned (again) and to give people focus and motivation.

Tap into underused capacity: the largest part of our brain which is dedicated to visuals!


If our 75% of our neurons are ‘booked’ for processing visual information, the why would you send some more text and numbers to your team members?

Let’s get visual! Here are 3 good reasons: 


1. Doodling helps you structure your own thoughts, create overview, organize yourself. Activate left brain and right brain together.

2. A visual presentation increases the likeliness of getting your ideas across. It makes ideas tangible, yet invites to give feedback. It also creates a sense of ownership. “If you can draw it, you own it.”

3. Working in a visual way creates greater interaction, makes meetings more dynamic. Jotting things down on a whiteboard gives you the advantage you are all looking at / talking about / working on the same thing.

“But … I can’t draw!” It must be the reason mentioned the most for people to stick to words and numbers.

What if you started practicing a visual approach by yourself, or in a small team, for ex. when you are working on:


Let me know how it works out for you. Drop me a line. Or a sketch 😉

P.S.: There are other advantages of a visual approach. You want more control over the meeting, grab a marker and start using the flipchart. Just do the test one of your next meetings.