‘Break down in the shape of things to come’

Everyday we read about companies in transformations, in search for resilience. What does it mean? What if the best definition of ‘resilience’ (*) were in a song title by Audioslave?

This is a great cover, “recorded by 3 Audioslave fans IN 3 different countries, we’ll probably never meet.”

Resilience refers to nature’s ability to recover from any disturbance (rather than trying to predict it) with the skills and resources at hand at that moment. Audioslave’s Chris Cornell describes this song is about “the state of the world today and how we should react to it.”

Hence a company’s challenges is to repuzzle itself (or vital parts of it) in order to react appropriately to changess or disturbances: economical, client relational, reputational, legal, social, political, technological, ethical – you name it.

But how much time and effort does it take an organization to acknowledge the disturbance, repuzzle itself and run in the ‘new mode’?

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